History of the band

The band was founded during the winter months of 1961 by Christian Brothers Br. John Kenny and Br. Clement Wright. There followed an intensive programme over the next year and a half to equip and train the band.
CBS Pipe Band made itís first public appearance in the Limerick St. Patrickís Day parade of 1963 and, since then has only missed three St. Patrickís Day parades in itís native city. On two occasions the band represented the city in the New York parade and once in the city of Cork parade.
The band has performed extensively throughout all 32 counties of Ireland and beyond, having travelled on numerous occasions to Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and the United States of America.

The band has participated in many contests over the 50+ years of its existence and indeed has many victories and trophies to its credit. However, our band is primarily a performance band and, as such, our members participate at various charity, cultural and sporting events, festivals, welcoming guests of honour / VIPs, weddings and funerals in a number of musical ensembles. Indeed, whatever the requirement, our members add a sense of occasion, festive or solemn as appropriate, in a dignified and professional manner not often associated with modern youth.